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The Grant County Airport Industrial Park is bounded by the spectacular Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon. The vista overlooks the Strawberry Mountain National Wilderness and the Malheur National Forest.

Situated adjacent to the Grant County Regional Airport, the parcels are ideally located for air commerce and shipping.

The City of John Day's elevation is 3,083 ft., population 1,845. The Park is located inside the local enterprise zone, 600 ft. above the city and within two miles of the central business district.

Seasons are distinct but generally moderate. Clear skies and sunshine are the prevailing weather conditions throughout the year.

Shipping and Transport Routes

John Day is located at the junction of two major highway arterials, highway 395 (north and south) and highway 26 (east and west), that provide outstanding distribution and delivery routes to and from all points of the compass.

The county is served by the USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Pony Express and several other national and regional carriers and commodity distributors. The adjoining Grant County Regional Airport makes the Park particularly attractive for companies requiring air transport services.

Rail terminals are accessible at La Grande, Burns, Redmond and Ontario.
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